Here is a list of some great downloadable software for free!

(These are hand picked and evaluated by me, your personal like or experence my be different.)


Mozilla Firefox : Download : A nice and much safer web browser.

Mozilla Thunderbird : Download : A great and very simple email program.

AVG Anti-Virus : Download : A great free anti-virus software, what more could you ask?

ZoneAlarm Firewall : Download : A great free firewall program, easy to use.

Lavasoft Ad-aware SE : Download : Great Spyware/Adaware Remover.

Core FTP LE : Download : Simple but great little ftp program.

IceChat : Download : A great free IRC program.

Audio Grabber : Download : Simple program for ripping your music cd's to wav/wma/mp3.

CDBurner XP Pro : Download : A basic and easy to use cd/dvd recording software.

The Gimp : Download : A very advanced image editor, almost everything photoshop has for free!




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